Month: August 2018

Early Career Research event – Scholarship with Survivors Workshop – Call for participants – Deadline 17 September 2018

Antislavery Early Research Association


The Antislavery Early Research Association is running the following event:

Scholarship with Survivors Workshop – A Day of Conversation between Early Career Researchers and Survivors

University of Nottingham, UK

Saturday 20 October 2018

The Scholarship with Survivors Workshop aims to provide a platform for open dialogue between early career researchers and survivors of contemporary forms of slavery. Throughout the day, we will consider what diverse areas of research have to offer to survivors, how survivors’ perspectives can (and should) influence research, and the ways in which scholars and survivors can work together to produce and develop knowledge. By creating an informal environment in which knowledge is exchanged freely and equally, we seek to create an approach that abolishes the barrier between institution academia and survivor communities. The workshop will feature a presentation, panel session and Q&A with survivors, as well as thematic, round table discussions of selected focus areas, providing an opportunity for researchers to engage with survivors and one another.

A call for participants in any field or discipline researching issues relating to slavery, antislavery, and human trafficking – both modern and historic has been issued. For further information please see the full call document – Scholarship with Survivors Workshop Call for Participants

The organisers are also reaching out to survivors of slavery and human trafficking to join us in Nottingham, to participate in the workshop and become part of a growing network of early career researchers working in the area. You are welcome to attend as a general participant or as a presenter on the survivor panel. As a participant, you will not be required to tell everyone that you are a survivor of slavery. If you are interested please see here for further information – Call for Survivor Participants – 2018