Stay Safe from Slavery Conference

University of Nottingham’s Right’s Lab partnered with the NGO Unchosen to host the Stay Safe from Slavery Conference on 21st June 2017.

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Unchosen organised the Stay Safe from Slavery conference to explore new innovative ways of the prevention of Modern Slavery in the UK.  The aims of the conference were to ask – how can we protect the vulnerable? How can we stop those who are homeless, refugees, migrants or children in care from falling victim to exploitation? To look at the new approaches in this field? It was a very successful conference,with high calibre speakers. The afternoon sessions were particularly informative and brought new findings about prevention and generated many extremely positive comments.

Unchosen partnered with Zoe Trodd University of Nottingham, Alison Gardner – Nottingham Slavery free communities.
Conference chaired by: Melissa Blackburn – CEO Unchosen

Kevin Hyland (pre-recorded keynote speech), Olivia Hesketh – Home Office, Darryl Dixon – GLAA, Jantine Werdmuller von Elgg – Stronger Together, Andrea Simon – ECPAT, Mick Clarke – The Passage, Sam Lake – Migrant Help, Coral Dando – University of Westminster, Eric Anderson – BT, Alison Gardner – University of Nottingham, Julia Tomas – Unchosen

Unchosen films shown
What do you see?, Stonger Together, Slaved, Unchosen film Competition advert

100 people attended including speakers. The audience included: Police from different communities; Leicestershire, Nottingham, Derbyshire, Humberside, Nottingham City Council, Cheshire East Council, Refugee charities, Church of England, Salvation Army, Comic Relief, OXCAT, BACA charity, SMART, P3 charity, Leftover Magazine, Bedfordshire against Modern Slavery, Framework, Warrington Borough Council, Focus Independent adult social work, Skylark Church, Health Equity Unit, Stop the Traffik, Medaille Trust, Geding Borough Council

Comments from the audience
“Excellent two days. Thank you very much.”
“I found the 3rd and 4th sessions particularly new and interesting.”
“Loved the Thinking Differently session. I’ve been to a lot of conferences and these are the first completely new things I’ve heard in a while.”
“Excellent conference, really informative and inspiring. Looking forward to the resources to use with homeless people.”
“Exceptionally valuable day. Thank you.”
“Great pacing with breaks and amount of time with speakers.”
“Well balanced programme.”
“Well hosted and organised, insightful talks. Thank you.”
“Very informative, wide range of impressive speakers. Format – very engaging afternoon sessions were of particular interest.”


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