Month: December 2014

Archives into the Future 2015

January 5, 2015, 10am-6pm, British Library Conference Centre

Archives into the Future 2015‘ is the first of our annual one-day symposium, a collaboration between major new projects funded under the auspices of the Arts and Humanities Research Council ‘Care for the Future: Thinking Forward Through the Past’ theme: ‘Performing the Jewish Archive’ and ‘The Antislavery Usable Past’. The day will open with presentations from these teams and their non-HE partner organisations around the subjects of archives in the future, archives of the future, and the future of archives. Starting from the British Library’s own archival collections relating to Jewish music and theatre and to the antislavery movement, the focus will broaden to such topics as community archives, charities and non-governmental organisations, archival engagement, performance archives, digital archives, and informal personal archives. A series of brief ‘provocations’ from leading scholars and practitioners will form the basis of discussion panels: Who owns archives? Who decides what is archived? How are archives created ‘from below’ as well as ‘from above’? What value is placed on the institutional archive by the organisations which created them and in some cases remain their custodians? What is the status of the informal, community or personal archive? What is the future of public engagement with archives? What impact does the digitisation of archives have? What about the archivisation of the digital? How will a record of the past be maintained in an age of electronic communication? These and other questions will provide a platform for a stimulating and provocative day tailored to the interests of those who attend. Early-career researchers and doctoral students are particularly welcome, and there will be sessions geared especially towards their needs. The event is free, including refreshments, lunch, and a closing reception/performance.

More details of the day and the programme are available here.

Deadline for applications: December 18, 2014