Welcome to Antislavery Usable Past


Statue of Sam Sharpe, the leader of the 1831 Baptist War in Jamaica. Sharpe’s memorial is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Image courtesy of Pozole.

This is the blog of the Antislavery Usable Past project. The project is a partnership between the Universities of Hull and Nottingham. We are exploring how the successes and failures of the antislavery past can be useful to the antislavery present.

We will be writing commentaries on different aspects of the project, including writing up new research, engaging in current debates and providing a platform for people to discuss what antislavery means then and now.

We will also publish guest blogs from museum and heritage professionals, teachers, NGOs, academics and others interested in all aspects of both past and present antislavery issues.

Our blog will keep you updated on the project, upcoming events and news. You can find out more on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @antislaverynow